Used To Be One Of The Rotten Ones

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More exploring of the beautiful countryside of Upstate New York. A hugely successful day of furniture thrifting. And this view from an incredible house in McLean.

Exploring new parts of NY today, including checking out Oneida Lake.

My boo’s new blog.  Priceless.

My boo’s new blog. Priceless.

One of the sets of notebooks I offer in my shop. These can be easily customized to say your favorite quote or perhaps your wedding information as favors for your guests. The possibilities are plentiful!

Another listing that went up today: these super simple gift boxes. They’re basically begging to be personalized with a ribbon or bow or some calligraphy. The sky’s the limit, guys!

Bottomless Party - Dick City [Amy]

Umm, oh yea, this dropped today. New mix, check out our SoundCloud for a bunch more already there. Plus new ones every week for the rest of this month!

Put up some new items in my shop recently. A few kinds of notebooks & some more simple gift boxes.