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Sunset in Pennsylvania.

At Plymouth Rock a few days ago in Plymouth, MA with @joelhinojosa.

Sunrise in Manchester, VT. (at Manchester, VT)

One more from Detroit, MI today with @joelhinojosa.

Explored Detroit, MI with @joelhinojosa today. Everything was so tragically beautiful.

Wino’s in Yellowstone. @joelhinojosa

Van adventures in Yellowstone with @joelhinojosa

In 2 days, the love of my life & I are embarking on a 2 month cross-country road trip with the intention of moving to the East Coast. So that’s a pretty fun thing. I am sure there will be more interesting developments to follow. Stay tuned, kiddos!

Just 2 weeks now until Joel & I hit the road. Words cannot express how eager I am.

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